Aasif Mujtaba,
Founder & Director Miles2Smile Foundation

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In our fight against hatred, violence, and socio-economic deprivation, we often sideline the children. We tend to forget that they are the most affected ones. Their families struggle harder even for their basic needs. when fulfilling the basic necessities becomes so burdensome, getting a quality education for their kids becomes a far-fetched dream. Besides, due to lack of awareness, they barely pay any heed to their education and as a result, a large chunk of kids does not get access to quality education.
As concerned citizen, we always talk about bringing a change for these kids and the best way would be to provide them with a quality education. But the question arises as to how? Is there any reliable platform that can become a catalyst of change by taking up one such colossal responsibility?

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Well, Shagird is one such platform that is working tirelessly for the deprived children under the mentorship program so that they can get their education properly and secure their future.

Under Shagird, there are different categories of the underprivileged and marginalized children as,
1. Kids orphaned in the communal violence
2. Other victim kids of the violence
3. Economically backward children
4. Others
If you want to make any contribution in bringing a change in the lives of these poor kids by sponsoring their education (the sponsoring amount varies with the geographical location of the child as the cost of education is different in cities, towns, and villages), we kindly request you to sign up for the mentorship program. Every mentor may adopt kids (as many as they want) for sponsoring their education. After due approval and after the payment of the sponsoring amount (monthly, quarterly, yearly, etc.). A unique login ID and Password would be provided to each mentor so that they would be able to check up on their educational progress. Additionally, if they want to communicate with the family of the adopted kid, it may be arranged too.
Shagird works on the principle dream of ‘Kulsum Sayani’ an inspirational pioneer worker in the field of adult literacy in India who gave the famous slogan “each one teach one”.
The vision is to have a million mentors over the years so that a million kids would reap the benefits of education and skill development.

Four Category Of Kids We Are Helping

Kids orphaned in the communal violence
Kids orphaned in the communal violence
Economically backward children

Let’s make this world a better place to live and spread happiness because restoring smiles is not voluntary but obligatory.

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