Sunrise Public School is a relief school based in Loni, Ghaziabad. It was primarily set up for the kids of victims of 2020 Northeast Delhi Riots, and currently serves as a nurturing haven for victims’ kids, orphans, and other underprivileged children, offering psychosocial support and quality education to over 250 children up to 8th grade. Dedicated teachers employ innovative methods to foster a love for learning, and personalized attention to meet individual kids’ needs while tailoring instructions. 

The curriculum includes a range of subjects including mathematics, science, languages, social sciences, and arts. It also encompasses the development of essential life skills, instilling values of empathy, integrity, and respect in each child.

The school ensures that no child faces barriers to education due to financial constraints by providing uniforms, books, and stationary.

Smart India School is a partner school under Shaagird dedicated to providing quality education to communal violence victims in Khargone, Madhya Pradesh. Recognizing the losses suffered by these families, including their homes and livelihoods, the Shaagird foundation covers all educational expenses for these children. With highly trained faculty, the school ensures that these young souls receive the same educational opportunities as any other child, while actively working towards reducing the negative effects of violence, trauma, pain, and distress caused by the violence they endured. 

With the help of a nurturing environment, Shaagird strives to empower these children to develop self-efficacy, take a proactive stance towards their life and career, and live a life free from the trauma, pain, and distress and distress caused by the violence they have experienced.

In the heart of Shiv Vihar, Northeast Delhi, Madarsa Miftahul Quran stands as a symbol of ‘Hope’. It fell victim to the Hindutva mob during the 2020 Northeast Delhi riots. The sight of its burnt and collapsed walls was disheartening. The future of kids was tragically impacted by this devastating incident. However, through community support, the once dilapidated building has risen from the ashes, transformed into a vibrant learning environment. Within its walls, 72 students now find shelter, solace, and education.

Built on co-learning among children through interaction, and cultural exchange, Fatima-al-Fihri is a portable learning centre that caters to approximately 50 refugee kids, providing them with essential pre-primary education. The centre is located at Chandeni 2, in Nuh, an Indian Village of Haryana.The lessons taught here to kids are filled with joy, co-curricular activities, cultural songs, dance, and laughter. Teachers are employed from the refugee community to address the unique needs of the refugee children. This ensures children learn in their own language or dialect, fostering a sense of familiarity and a ‘trustworthy’ environment for learning. 

Kulsum Sayani Learning Centre ensures quality learning to about a hundred refugee teenage girls, who face barriers to education during their crucial developmental stage. Recognizing the importance of education for these refugee girl-children, the center provides them a safe environment, with a quality bespoke curriculum delivered in their own language from trained, and trusted teachers.The engaging lessons offered at the center not only foster a love for learning but also among them the social skills, and practical life abilities.Moreover, our teaching methodology actively involves parents and the community, fostering a collaborative approach that strengthens the impact of learning.

Fatima Sheikh Learning Centre provides quality education to 70 refugee children in the primary and pre-primary age groups. Through colorful learning resources, the center offers engaging visual and tactile stimuli through colorful learning resources, utilizing an innovative play-based approach to ensure that early years education is accessible to all children, regardless of financial, linguistic, cultural, ethnic, or geographical barriers. Located near their homes, the center eliminates the requirement of uniform and lunch expenses. Bite-sized lessons are taught in the children’s own language, actively involving parents and fostering a strong sense of community. Trained teachers create a safe and nurturing environment for the children’s holistic development.

Madrasa Imam-ul-Bukhari is a home for 45 young refugee kids. Nestled amidst a tranquil setting, it provides solace and education to those who have been displaced by adversity. The Madrasa fosters a compassionate environment, providing not only Quranic teachings but also formal education besides support and understanding. Dedicated teachers impart religious knowledge, while promoting cultural exchange and fostering mutual respect among the locals and the community members. These bright young minds after receiving an education aim to pursue a brighter future, filled with hope and possibilities.

Nestled amidst bamboo camps in Nuh, Haryana, Madarsa Taleem-ul-Quran serves as a religious sanctuary for 61 refugee children, offering solace and hope. In its nurturing environment, young minds find respite from the daily hardships of camp life. The dedicated teachers, entrusted with the task of imparting the beauty and depth of the Quran, guide the students on their transformative educational journey. In the Madarsa Taleem-ul-Quran, the joyous sounds of laughter and eager voices intertwine as students recite their lessons and engage in chatters with their mates.

In Mehrauli at Delhi, a 600 years old Madarsa Akhoondji was razed to the ground along with the historic mosque. It rendered 25 students completely homeless. The Shaagird Foundation shifted 20 kids to a nearby Madarsa called Kalan Mahal. This new Madarsa will provide lodging & food along with a quality education (including Science, English, Maths, Hindi, Computers etc) in collaborations with Shaagird.